Website Development

Cybez Solutions creates well designed functional websites that are compliant, accessible and search engine friendly. We follow a three step model to launch your Online Business and give your business the e-advantage.

User Centered Design: We focus on user-centered design to convey your message with creative tailored to your audience. Defining the information architecture and preparing quality content we improve the user experience and conversion opportunities.

Information Architecture: The navigation and information structure are carefully planned before we begin designing a website. The user journey through the site is always kept simple and intuitive, ensuring a quality and rewarding site experience.

Accessibility: Cybez Solutions is dedicated to accessibility and creates sites that are tested to be accessible to the highest levels. This includes users with disabilities, across a range of browsing environments, speeds and operating systems.


Corporate Websites

We specialize in creating corporate website designs that capture the essence of your company through branding, imagery and your marketing message in every detail.

We create highly usable website designs keeping the website visitor experience in mind and focus on the smallest of details required to create a pleasant and productive user experience. Focused on useful rather than trendy functionality, our websites help users navigate the site easily and find information without distraction.

We ensure that your website is compatible to the Search Engine parameters and are accessible in all the major browsers available today.


Ecommerce Websites

We are not like any other website development company who can simply develop neat and good looking ecommerce website for you.

We first do a detailed study of your products and service offerings and then create a design strategy based on how your target audience is responding to other similar sites and what drives them to make a final purchase decision.

We use one of the best platforms available today to develop your ecommerce website and ensure that we use features and functionality only if they are relevant and suitable for the business to convert visitors into customers.

We focus on high standards of usability and ensure that the website is well optimized for the Search Engines to drive organic traffic from Google.


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Our Capabilities

  • Scalable Solutions

  • End to End Business Management

  • Integrated Marketing