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Ecommerce in the UK ‘is Booming’

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According to research carried out by Nielsen, more than 30 million Brits visited one of the top 200 ecommerce sites in August 2010.

There were a total of 546 million shopping visits during this month, with 16 per cent of them ending in a purchase being made.

The most lucrative ecommerce category was found to be electronic equipment, with average spend of £156 per customer recorded by the study.

Of those questioned for the research, 57 per cent said they shopped online to take advantage of cheaper prices, while 32 per cent utilise the web because it offers the ability to shop at any time of the day.

Earlier this week, IMRG predicted the busiest online shopping day of the year will be Monday 6th December, with millions of pounds of sales expected to be recorded each hour as consumers search for Christmas gifts.

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